Will You Answer My Question?

I’m interested in getting as many answers as I possibly can to the following question.  Please repost and share this post so I can get as many answers as possible.

In your opinion, what is the #1 thing stopping people from coming to church?  Either for a church service, concert, special program, or any other event.

Again…please repost this to help me gain as much information as possible.


~ by pastordarryl on December 14, 2011.

3 Responses to “Will You Answer My Question?”

  1. Because the Bible is preached and people don’t like feeling convicted for their actions. I don’t think it matters if there’s a cool concert or special event going on, if they know it’s in a Christian environment they will hesitate to attend because they don’t like the convicting feeling.

  2. Programs are the reason people don’t come to programs!
    People don’t go to church becuase of Programs, they go to church because of relationships. Usually those relationships start with other people in the church. Through thier witness people will then come to know Jesus, and begin a relationship with him.
    You can put up as many posters and advertisements, and have the coolest programs, but if you aren’t building relationships, no one is going to come. And if you aren’t leading people to a relationship with their only savior, Jesus christ, then no one will stay.

  3. “In your opinion, what is the #1 thing stopping people from coming to church?”

    This is a difficult question, because there’s probably a different answer for why I don’t go to church (I’m an atheist) than for your average person.

    My guess? People who believe in a god don’t feel they need middle-men any more.

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