Kids and Christmas

As I’ve said before I LOVE CHRISTMAS!  I love everything about Christmas.  My kids have followed suit and also love Christmas.  My wife and I decided early on in our lives as parents that we would not push the Santa Claus myth on our kids.  It’s not that we hate Santa…we just really had a hard time justifying lying to our children.  So we’ve always been very honest with our kids…We’ve told them about the factual Saint Nicholas.  Gavin to this day will tell you that Santa was a real guy who loved people who like Jesus loved people.
Please dont take this as me condemning all who “do Santa” with their kids…to each his own but also consider sahring the real story with your kids.  If you need help sharing the real story there are alot of resources out there.  Veggie Tales has done a cartoon on Saint Nicholas and What’s In The Bible has created a Christmas special called “Why it’s called Christmas”.  I highly recommend the later!  Excellant information done in a fun way!  They never demonize Santa…they just tell the real story.  Check it out!


~ by pastordarryl on December 9, 2011.

2 Responses to “Kids and Christmas”

  1. Until the past couple of years I would have said I’d definitely do santa with my kids… but part of me thinks pushing santa pushes the whole “Christmas is about presents” mentality which I don’t want my kids to believe. Definitely something to think about once Wes and I start having kiddos.

  2. I think Santa can confuse kids later on. If THAT guy is too good to be true, well, then, maybe Jesus is too! I’ve heard that from several friends who use that as an excuse for not believing in Jesus… so frustrating.

    I don’t have kiddos, but I do like Santa because he’s a happy part of Christmas. We teach the kids in our family who St. Nick was and that “Santa” in the stores, etc, is just a reminder to love others like Jesus did.

    And I cannot agree more with you about What’s In The Bible. It’s definitely the MEAT to VeggieTales Ice Cream (which maybe that’s why God took VT “away” from Vischer, they have really sortof lost that “sunday school” attitude now that they’re run by a nonChristian company).

    What’s In The Bible teaches ME stuff I never really knew about our traditions/beliefs which I think makes it even better. It’s not JUST for kids.

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