The Code

I came across this little gem earlier.  I have been listening to Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation church in Charlotte NC a lot lately.  This is a man who has got it together.  I’ve gotten so much from his passion for Christ and his solid biblical teaching.  If you don’t know anything about this guy and this church please check it out.  The church is only 6 years old and has grown to over 10000 in attendance. 

Anyways…back to my point.  I was checking out their website and came across something that Elevation Church calls “THE CORE”.  This is a core set of values that set the tone and trajectory for how they get things done at the church.  I loved reading their insight! Here are the points:

  1. We Act in Audacious Faith – In order to dominate a city with the gospel of Jesus, we can’t think small. We will set impossible goals, take bold steps of faith and watch God move.
  2. We Are a Generation of Honor – We freely give honor to those above us, beside us and under us because of the calling and potential God has placed inside of them.
  3. We Lead the Way in Generosity – Our staff and church will go above and beyond to give sacrificially to the work of God in our city.
  4. We Are United Under One Vision – Elevation is built on the vision God gave Pastor Steven. We will aggressively defend our unity and that vision.
  5. We Need Your Seat – We will not cater to personal preference in our mission to reach this city. We are more concerned with the people we are trying to reach than the people we are trying to keep.
  6. We Think Inside the Box – We will embrace our limitations. They will inspire our greatest creativity and innovation.
  7. We Dress for the Wedding – We will continually increase our capacity by structuring for where we want to go, not where we are. We will remain on the edge of our momentum by overreacting to harness strategic momentum initiatives.
  8. We Are Ruth’s Chris, Not Golden Corral – Simplicity enables excellence. We place a disproportionate value on creating a worship experience that boldly celebrates Jesus and attracts people far from God.
  9. We Are All About the Numbers – Tracking metrics measures effectiveness. We unapologetically set goals and measure progress through all available quantitative means.
  10. We Eat the Fish and Leave the Bones – We will always maintain a posture of learning. We seek to learn from everyone and incorporate a variety of influences into our methodology.
  11. We Are Known for What We Are For – We will speak vision and life over our people. We will lift up the salvation of Jesus rather than using our platform to condemn.
  12. We Will Not Take This for Granted – What we are experiencing is not normal. This is the highest calling, and we will remain grateful for God’s hand of favor.

I love this so much and certain things really popped off of the page at me as a pastor.   Number 5 specifically-“We need your seat!”  I love this…a ministry that exists to reach those who need Jesus…not to cater to those who are already here.  Such a bold statement that takes guts to make public!

I just thought I would share this with all of you!  Be Blessed!




~ by pastordarryl on December 1, 2011.

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