Your Will Be Done

This series on prayer that I’ve been listening to has rocked me hard!! In a good way!

Yesterday I listened to a sermon relating our prayers to the prayer of Jesus in the Garden of Gesthemany.(spelling?)

The essence of the prayer was that Jesus asked God to take the burden on the sins of the world off of His shoulders…but He followed it with the phrase “Your will be done.”

And God’s will was done! Jesus suffered and died…ultimately defeating death for all that ask Him to forgive them!

So my question is this…do we pray for God’s will or our will? The pastor teaching this series made some great points…but one has stuck with me! Prayer is not for us to tell God what to do! Prayer is for us to conform to God’s will in our lives!

Sometimes God’s will doesn’t line up with our prayers…unless we are praying that God’s will be done!

God is good and sovereign and His will for our lives is a good thing. It may not always be easy our good by the world’s standard but Jesus was homeless, poor, betrayed, beaten, and killed!!

Are you ready to pray for God’s will in your life? I know I am…I’m excited to see what God has planned for me!




~ by pastordarryl on September 18, 2010.

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  1. tis iz real good

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