“Prayer” Question

I’ve been listening to a sermon series on prayer and a statement was made…

“When praying, we do not need to be formal with our words…only respectful.”

I know my thoughts on that idea but I am wondering about what the rest of you think. Please feel free to leave comments!!


~ by pastordarryl on September 17, 2010.

One Response to ““Prayer” Question”

  1. I talk to God thru Jesus just like He’s sitting in the room with me or riding in my car. But there are times when I’m so aware of His presence that I physically look up & pray with words of reverence & praise. I totally let my guard down in prayer which means He’s heard me say ugly words because of anger & frustration but He also knows my heart anyway so I’m just being honest & authentic to Him…& He always knows I’m gonna tell Him I’m sorry for my actions & words.. I just love knowing He is always there listening to me no matter what I’m “feeling” or saying. He loves me.

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