Back into Rhythm

What a crazy couple of months!  I havent blogged in FOREVER…you owuld think I have a lot to say after such a long abscence…but in reality all i have to say is GOD IS GOOD!

This was a unique summer,  outside of Fusion…i had no major youth events planned but I feel like i did more ministering this year than any previous summers. 

Early this summer we had one of our Sr High students/Jr High workers die tragically while enjoying the great outdoors of Alaska.  The family asked me if i would officiate the funeral service.  I was honored to do so but this opened up a whole new realm of ministry that i never expected.  Ever since that day I have yet to go throughout a day where someone hasn’t commented on the funeral or how God has been moving through different people’s lives because of  Keith’s life.  As a youth pastor i have had the pleasure of seeing students snapped back to Christ through this.  I have also seen complete strangers fall on their face into front of Jesus through that event. 

What an amazing God we serve!  In a time of darkness and deprivation, God has brought so much light into the situation!  Thanks God for reminding me of your power this summer!


~ by pastordarryl on September 7, 2010.

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