Eglon’s Stomach

Tonight i preached on the story found in Judges 3 about the Israelites being delivered from the Moabites via Ehud stabbing Eglon in his fat stomach!  We learned a couple of things with this story…

  • Eglon was a fat dude!
  • I once got a grape stuck in my Belly button
  • God is sovereign
  • a cubit is approx. 18 inches
  • God always provides a way out
  • Ehud was left handed
  • We need to praise God for who He is not what He does

Oh the things we discuss in Jr High Ministry!


~ by pastordarryl on March 17, 2010.

One Response to “Eglon’s Stomach”

  1. This is a great bible story for, let’s say, the ‘young at heart’! Believe it or not I wrote a song based on this story ‘egged on’ (elgoned?) by my kids.

    You can download it for free – I hope it will minister to your inner man!

    The Eglon Song

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