symc day 3 – wrap up

So today has been a great day!!  Spent the morning worshiping with Tim Timmons from Mariners Church in California.  I love worshipping the Lord with other Youth Workers who get it!  I get goose bumps thinking about the sound of 2500 men and women singing at the tops of their lungs in worship of our GOD!  AWESOME!

Then later on in that service Rick from Group Publishing came out and did a devotion/message with us.  In it he gave us each two pieces of paper and 1 paper clip.  He gave us the instructions to make a paper airplane only using 1 piece of paper and try to throw it at a target…aka the back of someone’s head.  Little success was had in hitting our targets but it was great fun to see 2500 airplane flying around!  Then he had us make another airplane and this time put the paper clip on the nose of the plane.  He then had us retry hitting the target.  There was noticeably a lot more people getting hit and celebrating their success.  The moral of this very Jr highish illustration, which I loved by the way, was that the littlest things could change the trajectory of someone’s path.

This whole weekend has been about leaving a legacy and being a part of someone else’s legacy.  The illustration this morning was to remind us that sometimes it’s the little things that could change the trajectory of a student’s life!  What little things are we doing to impact our students?  HIT ME HARD!!!!

I miss my family big time right now…can’t wait to kiss my wife on Monday night when I get home.  Can’t wait to hug my kids and hear Gavin say I LOVE YOU DADDY!

I also miss my church family…for the last 5 years I’ve been investing in the lives of our Jr high students and I finally feel like I can call them my family!  Its been a long process but I feel connected more so than ever before!  I love those students almost as much as my own kids…ALMOST!

I love you guys!  God Bless!

Pastor D

~ by pastordarryl on February 28, 2010.

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