Day 1 SYMC 2010


Well here it is day 1 of the Simply Youth Ministry Conference.  I’m sitting in the lobby of our very trendy hotel.  You ever see that SNL skit where the family is from either germany or sweden and they have all the funky furniture and such?  I’m pretty sure that was shot here at Aloft Chicago-Ohare.

Last night i had my first taste of Chicago Style Stuffed pizza from Giordanos…WOW!  very good!  Being from NJ i have a hard time calling it pizza…its more like a Cheese and toppings pie!  Very good non-the-less.  After eating that though i needed to do some extra cardio last night…i felt so stinking full!

In the short 12 hours that i’ve been here i’ve run into so many people that i met last year at this conference.  Its like a big family reunion!  I also ran into Eric Samuel Timm, the painter that was with us for Fusion Alaska this past summer.  I look forward to hanging out with him some!

I’m excited to get this conference started!  Being a networking kind of guy i think i’m wired for this kind of thing!


~ by pastordarryl on February 26, 2010.

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