Change of Pace

So often I find myself getting into a rhythm when it comes to church.  I often feel like I’m doing the same thing each and every week without much variety…well this week I’m switching it up some!  I got two of our leaders to step it up big time and lead worship and speak for me.  While they are doing that I’m going to go down the hall and speak for our Singles’ Pastor.  It’s rare that I get to speak to non-students but I’m looking forward to the opportunity! 

Maybe I’ll be able to get some new leaders through it!!!  Be praying that God will move and hearts will be challenged by His Word!  Also be praying for my leaders as they step it up big time!!!


~ by pastordarryl on January 22, 2010.

One Response to “Change of Pace”

  1. Pastor Darryl, this is great! that is exactly what Jeremiah and I started doing…as far as changing it up a bit. we are now spending time with the youth during the 11am hour, I am loving the change of pace, and find it challenging at the same time. it is different getting use to missing “church service” but am excited at the opportunity to give instead of get. we’ll be praying for you!

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