Booking artists for Fusion!

Hey guys and gals…for those of you that dont know for teh last three years i’ve been involved with a youth conference up inAlaska called Fusion Alaska.  We have hosted some pretty big name artists in the past and it is the time of the year where i start to book artists for 2010!  Any Suggestions?  I’m looking for some insight into who would sell some tickets in your opinions!  give me some of your ideas!

Check out our Fusion Alaska Website at

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~ by pastordarryl on October 30, 2009.

3 Responses to “Booking artists for Fusion!”

  1. I do not know who you have had so far, but I recently attented a Leeland concernt, and I must say its like a really cool church service. Those men worship while they sing to the Lord, like literraly, all their songs are filled with the Word of God, really inspirational.

  2. I really think that Michael W. Smith and Chris Tomlin would be good.

  3. Relient K, House of Heroes, Showbread, The Almost, The Rocket Summer, Switchfoot? Just to name a few.

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