Man…soo busy!

Hey guys…i feel like i need to apologize because i’ve been so sparce on here!  The past couple of weeks have been sooo busy!  Between playing catch up from being out of town, a funeral of a parent of a student, and a youth conference we hosted here I feel like i’ve been running on fumes for about a week now!  I’m still alive!  I’ll try to get back into the groove of bloggin now!

The youth conference we hosted here at ABT went great! Rush of Fools were great guys! Taylor Mason mad eme laugh so hard I almost needed a diaper! and Brock Gill Blew People’s minds and brough the Gospel HARD!  Overall, amazing weekend!  Students Lives were changed! 

Well, i need to get to work…got a lot to do today! God Bless! LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Pastor D

~ by pastordarryl on March 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “Man…soo busy!”

  1. Time to be still and breathe brother 🙂 You are in my prayers

  2. Thanks Chris! It should slow down some this week!

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