NYMC Wrap Up

Well here I am sitting in Columbus Ohio’s airport waiting for my flight to start the trek back home!  I have had a great three days here in Columbus for the National Youth Ministry Conference put on by Group Publishing and Simply Youth Ministry.  GREAT TRIP!!!!  I’ve had so much knowledge and wisdom passed on to me over the last three days by some of the greatest minds in Youth Ministry and i feel extremely blessed to have been able to sit under their teaching!  But ultimately I was most impressed with the heart of the people that I met!  God was flowing through their lives…even when just hanging out with us Youth Workers!

I’ve been evaluating our Jr High ministry while I am here and realize some things that we were doing right and some things that we were doing wrong!  I will be making some changes but the biggest thing that I need to do show the students God’s Love!!!!  I need to show God to these students through the way that I interact with them, my leaders, and my family! 

My own life has been challenged!  Doug Fields aka Youth ministry GURU and host of the conference reminded me of some things last night as he spoke.  He used an illustration of using change as a reminder of God and his promises for us! 

Penny stands for the PAST and the fact that God has forgiven me for my past!!

Nickel stands for the NOW and how God is caring for me now!

Dime stands for the DETERMINED DESTINY that God has promised me in Heaven!

Quarter stands for QUALITY GROWTH.  God wants us to grow continually with Him!!!

If i do these things in my personal life God will not only bless my life and my family but it will impact the ministry that God has trusted me with!

I look forward to God doing some amazing things!!!! THIS IS GONNA BE GREAT!!!!

~ by pastordarryl on March 2, 2009.

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