Mission Support Opportunity

Some of you may have woke up this morning and said to yourselves…”man i really want to support a youth group’s mission trip!”  Well here is your opportunity!  Below I’ve pasted a copy of the support letter that i am sending out shortly seeking support!


Dear Friend,

            I am writing to you today to ask a favor of you and your family.  This summer I will be bringing a group of sixteen students to Purdy, Missouri to minister at  a very special place called Camp Barnabas.  The name of the camp may ring a bell to some of you who have known me for some time because I have spent time there in the past.  Camp Barnabas is a place that offers a week of camp for children with special needs.  Camp Barnabas is a special place that changes lives! 

            As a youth group we will be working side by side with the full-time staff of Camp Barnabas as cabin counselors and kitchen staff.  Our students and leaders will be stretched mentally, physically, and spiritually while working with campers that are dealing with physical and or mental disabilities. 

            So I ask if you would consider partnering with our team as we prepare for our trip this June.  There are two ways that you can partner with us, first you can offer up prayers in our favor!  I firmly believe that prayer works and our students need the support of your prayers in order to properly prepare for this experience.  The second way that you can partner with us is to be a financial supporter of this trip.  The trip is going to cost us roughly $1400.00 a person, which if you do the math of sixteen students and two leaders at that rate makes our team’s total over $25000.00.  Any amount that you would be willing to donate would be greatly appreciated! 

            Donations can be sent to the following address:

                        Darryl Nelson

                        Anchorage Baptist Temple

                        6401 E. Northern Lights Blvd

                        Anchorage, Alaska 99504

 Now i know that some of you may be thinking to yourselves…i hardly know this guy but Promise you that our mission team would greatly appreciate at least your prayers!!  Please consider being a prayer and or financial partner with us!


Pastor D



~ by pastordarryl on January 21, 2009.

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