Seven Pounds

Last night i got a chance to go to the movies.  A friend and I went to go see the new will smith movie, “Seven Pounds”.  First off a great movie! Will smith never ceases to amazing me with his character acting! AMAZING!  but the story in the movie itself was captivating!  SPOILER ALERT!!! The main character is dealing with his own guilt in a way that is crazy!  He tries to make up for something that he did a while ago by doing amazing things for  other people!  he even goes as far as commiting suicide so that people waiting organ transplants can have their lives saved! 

Now i realize this may be a theological stretch but i can’t help but see some parrallels in Will Smiths Character and the life of Christ!  The Character laid down his life willingly to save others similar to the way that Jesus laid down His life for us! 

Now i’m in no way saying that you should go commit suicide to help others but are you willing to lay down your life for a friend?  The Bible says that true love is laying down your life for others!  What are you giving up in your life  so others can live life more abundently?

I challenge you to live life less selfishly!  I challenge myself to do the same!  I love you guys and God Bless!

~ by pastordarryl on January 9, 2009.

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