Sorry for the slow posting

Hey guys, as many of you know i’ve been out of town on the lovely island of Maui and really did enjoy myself.  My family and i had a great time and my wife did a great job in her marathon!  I flew back to Anchorage on Monday morning and have been running ever since!  I landed at 5am and basically got showered then hit up the office and put in a day of catch up in the office followed by a night of Pageant practice!  tuesday started off horribly when i slpet through my alarm and wasn’t at the airport in time to pick up my wife and son! (not a high point in our relationship) then spent the entire day at work still getting caught up and planning for the Christmas Pageant…Followed again by the Pageant practice on tuesday night.  Today has been packed full of setting up for our Adult Christmas Parties that are taking place tonight and that my friends is why i have not been posting a whole lot lately.  I promise that when the craziness of Christmas dies down i will get back to social networking big time again but for now i may be silent for a few days! 

On another note…Remember Christ! 

On even another note the pageant is going to be fun you should come (friday and saturday at 730 and sunday at 6)  this is the first year that i am playing a major role in the pageant and you may or may not see me dressed up in a red jumpsuit!  (try and get that image out of your head i dare ya)


~ by pastordarryl on December 17, 2008.

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