And it begins!

Well here i am sitting in Ted Stevens International Airport getting ready to begin my insanely fast trip to Liberty and back.  I’m extremely excited about this trip because i will get to see a lot of old friends!  I’m also kinda bummed because i’m making this trip by myself…i’m gonna miss Amanda and Gavin big time!

It should be an interesting trip…because i’m flying on a mileage ticket i have to make like 2 stops on the way to VA…the first stop will be in Salt Lake City…57 minutes to be exact!  Gonna be cutting it close, especially since i need to get my boarding passes still for that flight!  I’ll fill ya in on how it went later!

Then i have a stop in ATL!  that one is a little longer…like 1 hour 30 mins…that one should be no problem!

Then when i get to Roanoke, VA i’m picking up my rental car and grabbing dinner with a firend of mine and his wife!  Looking forward to seeing them!  I will then drive to an old High SChool friend’s house to stay the night.  Again looking forward to seeing him!

Saturday Morning i’m taking a bunch of the students from our ministry out to eat!  Excited to see how they are doing at school…we have like 15 students from our church that attend liberty!  

Then i’m meeting up with an old youth pastor of mine that now lives in Lynchburg! Haven’t seen him and his wife for years, i’m thinking like 8-9 years! looking forward to spending a short bit of time with them!

Then its off to the LU GWU football game!  GO DAWGS!!

Sunday morning at the butt crack of dawn i will be getting back on a flight and heading home!  Sounds like fun to me!  Lots of friends not a lot of time!  

But first i need to get to my next flight on time! haha!


~ by pastordarryl on November 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “And it begins!”

  1. Have fun stay safe! I will pray for your travel: )

  2. The weather is cold here in the east – and rainy too. Hope you’re ready for blah weather.

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