series of unfortunate events

Well tonight was set up to be a great night!  Free concert tickets to go see Mercy me with my wife!  Sounds great right? 

Well it started out great…the opening band was awesome- a local band that is really talented – check them out on itunes “The Aaron Gray Worship Band”  then about two minutes after their set my cell phone rings…thats when it began to go down hill.

Our babysitter called and said that Gavin was having a hard time and was so upset that he has started throwing up… We called someone to go over there to help Gavin calm down.  

So Mercy Me comes out on to stage and kicks off an awesome set.  2 songs in and I look over to my wife and she is extremly upset.  using my man instincts i told me wife we shoudl go…so we left.  

From what i heard Mercy Me was great! I wish I could have stayed to hear the rest but fatherly duties override any concert anyday!  Hope you guys have a great night…i tried to and now that Gavin is sleeping i am having a great night!


~ by pastordarryl on October 11, 2008.

One Response to “series of unfortunate events”

  1. ahhh the excitement of being a parent sometimes great sometimes not so great poor little guy..

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