Blinking 12:00

at some point last night the winds that once haunted houston are now finally hitting Anchorage! at least i think so…in parts of two the winds are up over 100mph. Our house has been getting beaten up since about 3am by the winds and debris. I say 3am as a total guess because at some point the clock next to my bed was blinking the dreaded 12:00. then it got worse…when i woke up on my own this am at 6:20am there was nothing! no lights, no power, no nothing! ever try getting ready in total darkness? its a lot of fun especially when you have a 20 month old who loves wooden blocks! BTW they feel great when you step on them with your bare feet. I made it alaive to the church and at least we have power here! Lesson for the day…Beware of the Blinking 12:00!

Pastor D


~ by pastordarryl on October 10, 2008.

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