Anchorage is on target!

So in Anchorage we are missing a lot of the great restaurants and stores that the rest of the USA takes for granted.  No krispy kreme…no chick fil a…no olive garden…no target!  Until now!!!  LAdies and gentleman…mostly ladies Anchorage Alaska officially has a Target!  My wife has already made two trips to this oasis of shopping and estrogen!  Hopefully chick-fil-a is next!


Pastor D

~ by pastordarryl on October 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “Anchorage is on target!”

  1. My family actually looked into openin a chick-fil-a up in Alaska. It was ridiculously expensive to do though. And ten shipin the chicken up here ro something or other…

  2. Also a Kohls coming next to target

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