Sleeping Beauty

Well today i did my good deed as a husband.  A little background info…my wife is a huge Sleeping Beauty fan, i would even say she is a crazy psychotic fan!!!  and as all of you know the 50th anniversary edition of sleeping beauty was released on DVD today.  So while i was at the Dimond Center mall today for a meeting i ventured into the movie section and picked up the bright pink dvd package!  I felt odd carrying this ultimate girly movie to the cash register.  Luckily i got a cashier who understood the obsession of my wife because she bought a copy for herself before she clocked in that day!  To make matters worse, i then had to carry this dvd with me to a gathering of Youth Pastors from all over the city.  I felt very manly!!  Oh well, at least my wife loves me!

See yall tomorrow night at youth group!  God Bless!

Pastor Darryl

~ by pastordarryl on October 8, 2008.

2 Responses to “Sleeping Beauty”

  1. Dude that’s funny!!!

  2. you have no idea! I’m just glad that best buy has blue shopping bags

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